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Why Smart Homes Are Becoming Popular

Having a vision of the future is nothing new, even in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s there were impressions of what the future would look like.

Granted, these interpretations of the future were a little removed from what actually occurred, but the thought of an autonomous home have always been on the horizon.

As technology has become more evolved and streamline, the vision of a connected home is now a reality and is made by possible with a simple Internet connection. 

Are All Smart Homes the Same?

Past visions of a smart home often had a “cookie cutter” solution in mind, meaning that the proposed homes would often use the same components. However, today’s incarnation of a smart home is ore bespoke, and can be made up of various elements.

Streamlined Security

Regardless of whether you’re worried about vulnerable family members or merely looking to safeguard you and your family, the inclusion of a connected security feature is simple.

Even the humble doorbells can safeguard occupants. Nest, Google and a slew of other companies offer doorbells with a built-in webcam that send alerts to a smartphone.

There are even dedicated security cameras that not only offer a feed direct to the owner’s smart device but can include other features such as an automated floodlight.

A Helping Hand for Everyday Life

Nowadays, the smartphone can be taken for granted, but they have become an integral part of everyday life. Social networking and online banking is generally done via the use of a smartphone, so it should come as no surprise that many aspects of our daily life can be controlled via our smartphone.

Forgot to start a wash cycle but you’re already on your way to work? Then simply set the cycle from the device’s dedicated app. Animals need a few treats throughout the day? There’s even a device available that allows you to dispense treats at set intervals.

Your Own Personal Assistant

Smart personal assistants have quickly gained traction and are now an integral part of home life. Google has Google Assistant, Amazon has Alexa and Apple have Siri. This technology is not available via devices, but also have dedicated hardware that can be placed around the home.

You can ask for your favourite playlist to be played, a repeat grocery order or an answer to a question.