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Progressive Affordable Smart Homes

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About Us

There's no denying the fact that smart living is fast becoming a fad and a necessity too. In the UK, smart homes have become popular for thousands who want to discover the new meaning to home security, entertainment and comfort overall. With more experts offering integrated home automation with every new home built or refurbished, the demand for smart living has significantly gone up. At Pashion, we stand for progressive and affordable smart homes. We offer customized services and we strive to offer the highest technical standards with every project.

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our specialties


Control the lights within your home by your voice or by your smart phone

voice control

Talk to your personal assistant to control your home and accessories around the house


Have your heating system be fully automated and control it remotly


Protect your home from unwanted visitors and automatically record any movement


Control speakers in every room via your phone or personal assistant


Seemlessly connect to your network from all around the house with optimal speeds

Why Choose Us

An automated home can be hectic to live in if it doesn't enhance your lifestyle. As such, we take time to listen to your smart living ideals. Afterwards, we get down to work, prioritizing on your specifications. We design bespoke systems that fit your needs and style. We give you full control over your systems ranging from heating, lighting, under floor heating, security and home entertainment. The upside is that you can control all these from one PC, iPad or your smart phone. Whereas we prioritize on efficiency, we make sure that we future proof your home or office.

Modern living has its challenges. From tight schedules, stress and time related constraints. With our innovative systems, we make sure that you have more time to relax and bond with family while our technology does the heavy lifting for you. Whether its coordinating house chores, home security or providing entertainment, our technology and our experts have you covered.